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  • Date(s) Monday 29th April - Wednesday 22nd May. (Mondays & Wednesdays)
  • Time 7.30am -9.00am

Mysore Self Practice 

One-month course.   

Twice weekly

7.30am – 9.00am 

 What is it?

In Mysore-style classes, students practice the postures they've learnt at their own speed in a group setting, in a traditional early morning session time when the energy is light and full. This also fits in well with modern working hours.

Who is is for?

If you are new to Ashtanga, this is a very thorough way to learn a, leading to confidence and greater understanding of yoga and your individual needs. More experienced/established practitioner will have space to receive deeper adjustments, expert supervision and guidance. 


You can arrive at any time during the session, there is an ‘open window’ of 1 1/2  hours. In this way you can layer more poses/time to your sequence, as your strength builds. 

What to expect 

Annie and Ruth are very excited to offer this traditional style of teaching and are both extremely passionate and devoted Ashtangis. They will co-run these twice-weekly sessions bringing all their strengths and expertise, in a personal group dynamic.

You too can experience the Mysore MAGIC, expert guidance, alignment corrections and deeper adjustments where appropriate, to level and experience.

  • Open to all levels 
  • Cheat sheets will be made available for your sessions.
  • Full medical health questionnaires to be filled out prior to booking 

 Course booking 

One-month full course - x2 sessions a week 

Ruth - Monday’s 7.30am – 9am 

Annie- Wednesday’s 7.30am – 9am 

 Price - £80 for one month course = x8 sessions (£10 per sessions) 

 Dates- April 29th- May 1st, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 20th, 22nd

NO DROP-INS ON THE DAY PLEASE. If you would like to do a one off drop in please do call the studio to book your place. 

 If you’re looking for more information on this course, book on their special co- hosted workshop on Saturday 27th April.  Please see our courses page.