6 Week Yin Yoga  & mindfulness Course. 

This course will provide a space for deep relaxation, replenishment and healing. During the 6 weeks we will learn mindfulness meditations, key yin yoga concepts and poses. 

It will provide beginners with a safe space to start learning a mindfulness and yin practice, and for experienced practitioners it will provide a community setting in which to deepen your practice.  

This 6-week course will combine experiential mindfulness and yin practices, providing:

  • Weekly mindfulness meditations through a range of mindfulness practices 
  • Each week you will be guided through a yin sequence, and introduced to yin concepts such as working with and breathing into edges 
  • Guidance and support to develop a home practice 

 Why Practice Yin & Mindfulness? 

 Mindfulness is a scientifically proven approach for reducing stress. It can also alter the way our brain processes stressful thoughts and events, leading to long term emotional resilience and an increase in happiness. It can reduce blood pressure; improve the immune system and the quality of our sleep. 

 Yin provides many physical benefits including increased flexibility, and creates ease and fluidity in the joints whilst improving range of motion. It is helpful for meditators, because suppleness in joints allows us to sit with more ease and comfort.  Beyond the physical it is about slowing down and turning towards our inner experience.

 Combining these two practices provides a greater opportunity to explore our inner world, developing and deepening our mindfulness practice beyond the formal meditation; each pose provides an opportunity for training the mind in present moment awareness. 

 Date:- Sunday 15th September - 20th October

Time:- 5.30 - 6.30pm

Cost:- £60 for 6 week course(drop -in places only possible if the course isn't full.  No class passes)