What is TRE?

Simply it is allowing your body to shake

Have you ever seen a dog or another animal shaking? You like all animals have an ability to shake, maybe you have felt yourself shake after an accident, or speaking in public, after giving birth or you may have a body movement like a leg that doesn’t stay still. This is your body’s natural way to release stress, tension and overwhelm from the body.

TRE is seven simple exercises that start a natural body tremor and shake. This shaking mechanism that every human possess is the body’s innate way to release deep held muscle contraction. Releasing muscle contraction releases the nervous system, which in turn sends new messages deep inside the brain. Switching off the part of the brain that is responsible for flight/flight/freeze, the part of you that maybe on high alert, fearful, anxious, ready for a fight, frozen, tired or spaced out.

TRE is a simple thing to do and you will be able to self regulate the process quickly. Allowing the body to shake and naturally healing and letting go of overwhelm. TRE is self-empowering, as you become the facilitator of your own body and mind.

TRE is a tool for life, a way to start listening to your body, to allow more movement. When you change the shape of your body (the way you move in the world) you change how you think.

Come and try TRE, as it’s really hard to describe how it feels, often people say they feel relaxed, calm and often sleep really well afterwards.

I teach TRE slowly, calmly, with presence, compassion, and a light filled heart this helps me to hold a safe space, a curious space and a space full of wonder for our amazing bodies. In this kind of space you can start to let go safely of things that may have been held in your body for a very long time or things from the very recent, often we never know and sometimes we may! I will encourage you to observe your body, like watching a bird in a tree, nothing to do but to be present to yourself.

I will be teaching TRE in a small group. Starting by sitting in a circle I explain some of the science about how TRE works. I will then teach the exercises, which are done standing up and then lying down to shake. There will be time at the end of the class for any sharing, observations, questions or sitting quietly.

TRE is for everyone, it is like sneezing a natural body function – It can help with so many different issues, in the space of a yoga studio it can help with flexibly, quietening the mind and groundedness. TRE works really well along side other therapies and exercises

Come in loose clothes and bring some water.

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