6 Week Strong Mama POSTNATAL Strength & Recovery Training Course. (FULL)

These classes are open to all levels of fitness and new mums can also bring their babies along (pre-crawlers). The main focus is to strengthen and reconstruct the abdominal wall together with pelvic floor muscles strengthening. It is essential for abdominal exercises to be done correctly post-pregnancy in order to prevent permanent deformation or 'doming' of the stomach. New mothers... Read more

6 Week Core Fusion Beginners Course.

Core Fusion. Beginners course. The "core" is the torso, extending from the shoulders to the pelvis and is known as the body's centre of power or “powerhouse". Core training aims at strengthening these intrinsic muscles that lie deep within the torso. Their role is to hold the body stable and balanced, whether it is stationary or in dynamic motion and... Read more

6 Week Baby Massage Course.

Baby massage classes are a wonderful way to learn about how to integrate massage and reflexology in to your family's life. It is an art of giving and receiving that may help with relaxing you and your baby, supporting their development and helping to relieve some typical discomfort for a baby such as colic, wind, teething and restlessness. The classes... Read more

6 Week Beginners Yoga Course.

BEGINNERS COURSES: Whether beginning yoga to gain fitness, strength and flexibility, to help calm a busy mind or recover from an injury , our beginners courses are a wonderful way to start. Over the course we will break down the fundamentals of a yoga practice including physical postures and movement as well as breathing and some basic meditation techniques. £6... Read more

8 Week Strong Mama PRENATAL Strength & Wellness Course.

Published research continues to mount supporting the idea that exercise is not only safe but highly beneficial to both mother and her unborn baby. This class addresses the postural changes the pregnant body experiences and combines safe & effective exercises for the pregnant core and pelvic floors, as well as functional movement patterns which expectant mums are likely to be... Read more

6 Week Mum & Baby Yoga Course.

6 weeks to crawling. Mum & Baby yoga offers quality physical stimulation including flowing postures, holding, movement, touch, voice and deep relaxation. It induces a happy, carefree and lively parent-infant interaction which develops as the babies grow. The experience of movement combined with touch is probably the richest stimulation we can offer babies from birth. In yoga, this stimulation occurs... Read more