Special Offer: Your first drop-in class at the studio half price!

Valid for our 'Live Streamed Online' classes ONLY:

Move GB clients very welcome to attend these classes.

45 min class - £6.50.

60 min class - £8.00.

75 min class - £9.00.

90 min class - £10.00.

Love Live Streaming 10 class pass valid for 12 weeks - £75.00 (£7.50 per class)

Drop-in Prices - Valid for our physical 'At Studio' classes:

Move GB clients welcome to attend these classes but limited to 2 Move GB bookings per studio class.

45 min class - £9.00

60 min class - £11.00

75 min class - £13.00

90 min class - £15.00

105 min class - £17.00

Class Passes - Valid for our physical 'At Studio' & 'Live Streamed Online' classes:

20 Class Pass - £160 valid for 20 weeks (£8.00 per class)

10 Class Pass - £90 valid for 10 weeks (£9.00 per class)

5 Class Pass - £50 valid for 5 weeks (£10.00 per class)

1 Month Unlimited Class Pass: £115 (31 days)

2 Month Unlimited Class Pass: £210 (62 days)

3 Month Unlimited Class Pass: £285 (93 days)

Discount - We offer a 20% discount for students and those on low income. This can't be applied online so please contact the studio for bookings.

Cancellation - You can book up to 1 month in advance for any class & cancel up to 24hrs before the class. Drop-in classes cannot be refunded but you have 1 calendar month to use the class. Cancellation within 24hrs will result in being fully charged for the class. If you have a class pass you will be charged fully with a class from your class pass. If you are on a monthly pass a day will be removed from your monthly pass. With the exception of courses, if it says ‘waitlist only', or you are unable to book on, the class is full.

Any questions please email

You will find a combination of in person and live streamed classes on the timetable allowing you to practice with us however suits you best.

All you need to do is book into a class as normal. Sign up for a class using the live timetable below (it may take a few seconds to load). If you are new to Yoga Bodhi you will need to take a few moments to create an account. You can also book using our app or through MoveGB.

Download the Yoga Bodhi App

Alternatively if you have any questions or would like to book a 1-1 with one of our wonderful teachers please do email