Welcome to Yoga Bodhi, a centre for yoga & wellbeing in the heart of Bath

Yoga Bodhi is a dedicated yoga space. We have been offering classes here at the studio for 10 years and most of our teachers are very experienced. We have created a warm, quiet and light yoga space in the heart of Bath. Join us for yoga classes, special events and guest teacher workshops. We offer yoga classes in a range of styles suitable for all, from beginners to advanced students and from gentle yoga to dynamic vinyasa practice. We have 2 spacious studio's with varied classes running every day, a communal space to have tea and chat and changing rooms. Yoga Bodhi has all the yoga mats and props you will need so you only need to bring yourselves. We are in the centre of Bath, five minutes walk from The Podium car park.

To see what is going on please follow us on -  https://www.instagram.com/yogabodhibath/

Thank you. 

Everyone has been has been very understanding in what are clearly very uncertain times for us all. We really appreciate your continued support.

As of Sunday 22nd March we are closing the physical studio and from Monday 23rd March we are moving to on-line virtual yoga classes.

There are some changes to the timetable going forward which are now in place, but we have tried to keep as many classes available as possible. 

Here is our straightforward guide to joining our online live classes.
  • All you need to join us live is access to the internet, plus an iPad, laptop, computer or phone
  • If you are using a phone you will need to down load the Zoom App. On an iPad or desk top computer the link we send to you will take you directly to Zoom
  • We are running as much of our normal timetable as possible with some slightly altered times
  • You can sign up as usual on our website, our app, Mindbody or MoveGB and we will send you an invite 20 minutes before the class begins
  • Click on the link which will take you to Zoom, where you may be asked to input the password depending on the type of device you are using
  • You can choose to join with video (so the teacher can see you) or without video
  • You will then be in the virtual waiting room until 10 minutes before class when the receptionist will welcome you to the class along with the teacher & fellow students
  • There will then be time to ask how everyone is, check on injuries etc before the class starts
  • The teacher will ask you to mute your video so that there is less distraction from back ground noise & so that they can be heard more clearly by everyone
  • Self practice classes will run as Led Ashtanga classes
  • Make sure you have a small clear space to practice in and any props easily to hand.
  • Teachers will be giving verbal cues with demos as much as possible
Pricing & Class Passes:
  • Existing passes will still be valid & you can carry on using them like normal
  • You can pay for a drop in class
  • There are new drop in prices for our 'Love Live Streaming' - 45 mins class £5, 60 mins class £6.50 and 75 mins class £7.50
  • There is also a new 'Love Live Streaming 10 class pass' - £55 (it is only valid online & will not be transferable to studio classes in the future)
  • Obviously your yoga space is not likely to be kitted out with as many props as we have at the studio and our teachers will take this into account when planning their classes.
  • If you do have any props like a block, bolster or strap then make sure you have it to hand by your mat before class starts, just in case
  • In all cases having a blanket to hand will be very useful as these can be folded up as makeshift bolsters & blocks, as well as being cosy in savasana. Also belts and ties make good straps and a large thick book can make a good block, improvisation is the key

This is all very new and exciting for us and we would love you to join us, it’s going to be fun!

Take much care of yourselves & each other
Namaste the Yoga Bodhi Team.