These classes are open to all levels of fitness and new mums can also bring their babies along (pre-crawlers). The main focus is to strengthen and reconstruct the abdominal wall together with pelvic floor muscles strengthening. It is essential for abdominal exercises to be done correctly post-pregnancy in order to prevent permanent deformation or 'doming' of the stomach. New mothers will be guided through safe and specific core exercises also geared to maintain or restore pelvic stability, address specific postural issues and deal with post-pregnancy related aches and pains as well as strengthen and tone the whole body. More specific issues such as SPD (affecting the pubic bones alignment), postpartum Diastasis Recti (“Separation" of abdominals), post-partum hernia, prolapse etc. can also be helped, contained and improved following these exercises while the necessary adaptations will be carefully addressed in class. All mothers will have their abdominal 'separation' gap tested and measured with their consent at the start of the course.

Attendance can start as early as mother feels comfortable with; if prior to 6 week check, physician approval will be required. Lactating mums are also welcome and safe to attend.

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